As Nick awoke, a thought struck him.

He flew downstairs. "Hey, Mom! Today is my special day! Today I get to do what I want to do!" he said.

"That's right," said Nick's mother. "You get to be King-for-a-Day!" She handed him a crown, a robe and a Royal Scepter.

"What would His Majesty like for breakfast?" asked King Nick's Royal Mother. "Pancakes topped with ice cream, chocolate sauce and a cherry please!" said King Nick. He politely waved the scepter.

"Yes, Your Majesty!" said King Nick's mother.

"Do kings get whatever they want?" His Majesty asked his mother after breakfast. "Today they do, dear," said King Nick's mother.

King Nick smiled an evil smile. "Then I order you to turn into a polka-dot, dancing monster that eats only earthworms!" he shouted. He shook the Royal Scepter.

"Yes, Your Majesty!" said King Nick's mother. And--POOF!--she turned into a polka-dot, dancing monster with an appetite for earthworms.

At that moment, King Nick's father walked out of his home office. "Dad! I order you to turn into a tree so a bayou woodpecker band can bogey in your branches," said King Nick.

"Uh, frankly, I'd rather not," said King Nick's father.

"Please, dear, just do it or you'll eat earthworms for supper," said the polka-dot, dancing monster.

So--POOF!--King Nick's father turned into a tree. A bayou woodpecker band bogeyed in his branches. "Ouch! My ears!" King Nick's father said.

King Nick liked giving orders. He strode to a bedroom, where he found his little sister, Katie. "Katie! I order you to turn into a beautiful princess! Then you shall marry me and be my queen!" said King Nick.

Little sister Katie thought King Nick said, "nap time." She began to cry. So--POOF!--King Nick trapped Katie in a castle tower, turning her into his Maiden-in-Waiting.

With his nose in the air, King Nick lolled to the living room. There he found his younger brother, Ben. "Ben! I order you to turn into a pirate so you can fight and plunder for me!" said King Nick, pointing his scepter menacingly.

"No!" said Ben.

So--POOF!--King Nick made a band of buccaneers appear. The gang, which badly needed a bath, kidnapped younger brother Ben and held him for ransom in a closet.

His Royal Highness paraded to the kitchen. "Mom! I'm hungry!" he shouted. "Make me a sandwich!" "All right, Your Majesty," said the polka-dot, dancing monster. "But I only know how to make sandwiches with bananas and raw earthworms.

"Want one?"

His Majesty wanted to play. He ordered his father to load the Royal Computer Games. But his father didn't hear him. He had stuffed leaves in his ears.

In the castle tower, little sister Katie had fallen asleep. In the living room, little brother Ben had outwitted the unwashed band of buccaneers and escaped.

As it turned out, His Royal Highness, the all-powerful, King-for-a-Day, spent most of his special day alone.

He trudged back to the kitchen. "Mom, I don't want to be king anymore," said King Nick. The polka-dot, dancing monster smiled. "I'm glad, dear!" she said.

As his last official order, King Nick turned the monster back into his mother. She cooked a nice supper, including vegetables. Just Plain Nick didn't want to eat the vegetables, but he no longer gave the orders.

"And now, young man," said Just Plain Nick's mother, "It's time you got ready for bed!"

"Ah, Mom!" You can't send me to bed just like that on my special day!" said Nick.

"All right," said his mother. She drew a royal scepter out of the air. "Then I ORDER you to get ready for bed!"

"That's better," said Nick.

"Good night!"

The End

"Has his Royal Highness gone to bed yet?"

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