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Get in Shape: Draw Cartoons!
by Angola, IN, artist Lee P. Sauer

Get in Shape: Draw Cartoons! is an art instruction program by artist Lee P. Sauer. A big hit with kindergartners through fifth graders, the program can be made to fit most situations: a session can be from 15-60 minutes long and is suitable for individual classrooms or all-student assemblies.

As the artist draws on a dry erase board, students follow along with their own paper and pencils. Basic shapes become cartoon faces. At the end of a session, students are creating their own cartoon characters!

Schools often use "Get in Shape: Draw Cartoons!" in conjunction with Young Authors, drawing, or storytelling units. Home school organizations make "Get in Shape: Draw Cartoons!" part of their art instruction. Libraries find "Get in Shape: Draw Cartoons!" makes a great after-school or summer program.

The artist hires out for programs by the day. For more details, please contact Lee P. Sauer.
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