Drawing From History Books that teach both history and art

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"Ralph's Indiana Bicentennial Coloring and Activity Book" teaches lessons in Indiana's history through fun games and pictures to color.

Learn history! Learn art!

Drawing From History books provide lessons in history and art. Subjects for lessons are taken from history.

Ralph's Indiana Bicentennial Coloring and Activity Book,  is now available. It includes pictures to color and fun activities. 


Artist Tools

You can buy the same artist tools used to make the illustrations in any "Drawing From History" book at an art store. Ask for:
* Pigma Micron .80 black pen
* a kneaded rubber eraser
* Lyra Graphite Crayon 1771 6B
                                               * No. 8 blending stump
If you would like to see the tools, or to purchase them online, click the buttons below.

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Drawing From History:
Abraham Lincoln.
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