How do homeowners and small businesses in Steuben County, IN, keep their properties looking good and in repair?


Handyman Lee P. Sauer offers prompt, courteous, reasonably-priced repair and painting services. He keeps customers informed of the status and price of their project. He keeps waste to a minimum by reusing salvageable material and recycling materials that can't be saved.

Currently, Sauer is renovating 401 N. Martha St., Angola. His partners in the project are Dave and Betsy Kurtz of Auburn. The 14,000 square foot, circa 1920 house will receive extensive HVAC and electrical work. Wood paneling throughout the house will be removed and the plaster walls repaired. 

Anyone interested in wood to burn is encouraged to contact Sauer at (260) 665-1988.

A blog of the project can be read at

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Lee P. Sauer

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